dm+d Release 2 Browser Help

1. Overview

The dm+d Release 2 Browser has been produced by the NHSBSA as an aid to viewing the dm+d extract.

2. Using the Browser - Navigation

Three different routes can be used to navigate the data: To change the route of navigation, click on one of the 'search via' options. The screen will be refreshed to display a search input box and button for the selected option.

Navigating around the data is accomplished by clicking the '+' symbol next to the product name; the associated records at each level are then displayed in each of the other areas. For example, following an AMP Search, clicking on one of the '+' symbols next to an AMP name will cause the AMPP area to display a list of packs (AMPPs), the VMP area to display the parent VMP and the VMPP area to display the Virtual Packs for that parent VMP.

3. Using the Browser - Search tips

4. Using the Browser - viewing data

To view individual records, click on the 'view' button which is shown alongside each entry in the browser. A new window will be opened displaying the selected record.

5. Acronyms

AMP - Actual Medicinal Product

AMPP - Actual Medicinal Product Pack

VMP - Virtual Medicinal Product

VMPP - Virtual Medicinal Product Pack

VTM - Virtual Therapeutic Moiety

dm+d - Dictionary of Medicines and Devices


6. System Requirements