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Request Reference: 6458 / 2016.08.002 Request Date: 30 Aug 2016
Request: I am writing to you to request information under the Freedom of Information Act. Please send me the following: 1) The report prepared by the Department of Health on NHS Protect, together with the evidence that was gathered during its development 2) A summary of the evidence and information that was gathered to inform the current change process within NHS Protect. 3) The job descriptions and person specifications for the current roles of the senior management team and their previous roles 4) Details of any job matching exercises that were carried out for the senior management team roles 5) The report prepared by PA Consulting about NHS Protect from 2010-11 6) Details of any remedial work that has been undertaken to address the conclusions in that report about the shortcomings of the senior management team 7) NHS Protect's target operating model for 2020 8) Data and case name information about all prosecutions led by the legal protection unit in each of the the last 5 years 9) The cost of running the legal protection unit and the numbers of enquiries the team has answered in each of the last 3 years 10) Figures for the amount of crime prevented by NHS Protect in each of the last 5 years 11) The full results of the last two surveys of NHS Protect staff, including the narrative comments made by staff members 12) Details of how NHS Protect's work is quality assured 13) Details of how NHS Protect can demonstrate the value for money of each of its functions, including figures on the costs of each team, the value of crime prevented by NHS Protect's activity, the impact of the quality assurance process and the financial recoveries made following any prosecutions. Please provide this data for each of the last 5 years 14) Figures on the number of quality assurance assessments carried out in each of the past 5 years 15) Details of the number of private or third sector providers that NHS Protect has assessed as part of its quality assurance process 16) Details of the number of quality assurance inspections carried out of security provision within the NHS in each of the last 5 years. 17) Details of how long an individual has held the post of Quality Assurance Manager for security. 18) A copy of the policy on flexi-time, and details of the number of flexi days taken by the MD and each of NHS Protect's senior management team in the last 2 years. 19) Details of how you calculate the value of fraud prevented/money saved, and the figures on this for the past 5 years. 20) Details of when NHS Protect was last subject to an internal audit, and what the findings were. 21) Details of the scope and outcome of the recent review of the quality assurance process.

Status: Complete
Response Date: 25 Oct 2016
Response: Please see attached response.