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PPC Application Form
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Patient Application Form

If you require assistance in completing this form please call our Customer Contact Section on 0300 330 1341 Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm, and Saturday between 9 am and 3 pm. Alternatively, e-mail us at

If you have not read our statement relating to the use of your personal information, please do so now.

To purchase a Prescription Pre-payment Certificate (PPC), please complete the following:

  • Step 1 - complete the application form
  • Step 2 - check and confirm the details you have provided
  • Step 3 - receive your confirmation of order

IMPORTANT - check whether you can get free prescriptions before filling in the form. Remember people 60 or over get free prescriptions.

To see if you can get free prescriptions, look in leaflet HC11, 'Help with Health Costs'.

PPC Cost

The current cost is:

  • 29.10 for a 3-month PPC; and
  • 104.00 for a 12-month PPC.

Conditions of Issue

Show conditions of issue for a Prescription Pre-payment Certificate (PPC)

You can only use the PPC for your own NHS prescriptions.

Your PPC will start on the date you complete your application, unless you ask for a different start date. This can be up to one month earlier or later than the date you complete your application.

If you buy a 12-month PPC using the instalment option you are entering into a commitment to pay all the instalments. If you use a PPC after failing to pay an instalment you may have to pay a penalty charge. Please note that we cannot send out your PPC until we have received your first Direct Debit payment.

You may be able to claim a partial refund of the cost of a PPC if you become entitled to free prescriptions during the life of the PPC.

For full details on PPC refund arrangements, including the time limit for claiming a refund, check leaflet HC11.

Refund of Prescription Charges

Remember to apply for a new PPC in good time, otherwise you will have to pay charges when your old PPC runs out. If you claim you have a valid PPC when you do not, you may have to pay a penalty charge.

If you have to pay a prescription charge while you are waiting for your PPC, you cannot get a refund unless you get an NHS receipt form (an FP57) and your new certificate covers the date you paid the charge. When you apply, you can ask for your PPC to be backdated up to one month.

The pharmacist or dispensing doctor can only issue an FP57 at the time you pay a prescription charge; they cannot give you one later. The FP57 tells you how to get a refund.

Data Protection Act 1998: The Business Services Authority will use the information that you have provided on this application form for the processing of your application. We will not disclose your Personal data to any third party or transfer it outside of the European Economic Area. We may contact you to discuss your application. Your personal data will be deleted from our systems and files no later than 7 years from when the certificate was purchased.
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