Buy an NHS prescription prepaymentTerms and conditions


The prescription prepayment service we offer is for you, the customer. Your use of this service means you agree to all terms and conditions.

Legal identity

The NHS Business Services Authority is a Special Health Authority. Our head office is at:
Stella House
Goldcrest Way
Newburn Riverside
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE15 8NY

Buying an NHS prescription prepayment

This service assists you in deciding about, and buying, a prescription prepayment.

If you do buy, you confirm you have the legal authority to do so. This includes instructing us to collect payments.

You agree to be responsible for paying for the prepayment. You confirm all information supplied is true and accurate.

You agree to use the service only for you.

We make every effort to send prescription prepayment certificates by second class post within 7 working days.

It is your responsibility to check prepayment details are accurate. We are only responsible for issuing based on your request.

You should report any errors immediately by e-mail to or by ringing 0300 330 1341. Please have your prepayment number ready.

Direct Debit instalments

If you buy a 12-month prepayment and pay by Direct Debit, you are agreeing to pay all the instalments. If you collect prescriptions after failing to pay an instalment, you may have to pay a penalty charge.

You are not entitled to collect prescriptions with prepayment if instalments are not kept up. In this instance, you must return the evidence we sent you. You may choose an alternative method of payment to help keep up your payments.

If you repeatedly fail to pay Direct Debit instalments, you will not be able to pay by this method in the future.

We cannot take your first payment for 12 working days. We cannot send prepayment evidence until after that. It may take a further 7 days to arrive.

Sales reference number

You will receive a sales reference number when you complete your order. You must note this reference in case of a query about your application. Ring 0300 330 1341 with any queries.

Cost of prepayment

The Department of Health determines the cost of prepayment. This is subject to change on 1 April each year. The cost of prepayment is the price at the time of the application. This is regardless of the start date requested.

There is no charge for delivery of prepayment evidence.

Prepayment start date

The start date you specify for prepayment on the form is very important. You can backdate or future-date by one calendar month from the time of application.

While your prepayment is valid from the start date, you may not receive evidence for up to 7 days after you buy.

Remember to buy a new prescription prepayment in good time. If you claim you have valid prepayment when you do not, you may be liable to a penalty charge.

Cancellation and refunds

In no circumstances will we allow cancellation or a refund if we've sent prepayment evidence. This is the case, whether you have received it or not.

If you become entitled to free prescriptions, you may be able to claim back some or all of the cost of prepayment. For details of how to apply for a refund, go to or phone 0300 330 1343.

If you have to pay a prescription charge while waiting for prepayment, you can get a refund. This only applies if the prescription is bought after your specified start date. You need to ask for an NHS refund form (FP57) when you pay for your prescription. You can only get an FP57 at the time you pay. You cannot get one later.


If you change your address, please email or write to:
NHS Business Services Authority
Bridge House
152 Pilgrim Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

For a change of name, please send us a copy of your marriage certificate/deed poll and your prepayment evidence. We will send you a replacement.


The prepayment scheme we administer is for people resident in England only.

A person resident in England may use their prepayment throughout the UK. The pharmacist may ask to see your evidence before dispensing the prescription.